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LFT7000WM Series
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Wall Mounted Lift Stand For Single/Dual Monitors

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Model Type Wall Mounted
Cisco Spark CS55, CS70
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The LFT7000WM is heavy duty & wall anchored stand with multiple display mount options. It is a floor load and wall anchored design. Ideal for environments where adjustable height or ADA is required. Internally it features vertical 3U rack rails behind the bottom locking panel. Cable channel and ventilation. Supports displays weight up to 280 lbs. Requires fastening to stud or masonry wall.

Standard Features

  • Single, XL and Dual displays mount choices 
  • 20" travel electric Worm-Drive actuator for safety and reliability 
  • Cable push-button remote for easy incremental adjustments 
  • Includes heavy duty levelers for uneven floors 
  • Removable locking front panels with wiring channel inside main pillar 
  • Scratch resistant powder coat finish 
  • Grey metal frame with Shark Grey-SGT panel color 
  • 3U vertical rack inside, 30” depth

Mount Choices

  • Single: 1x 40"-70" display 
  • XL: 1x 65"-90+" display 
  • Dual: 2x 42"-70" displays 
  • Model: LFT7000WM-S/ XL/ D
  • Width: S-35”/ XL-53”/ D-84”
  • Depth: 8.5” + TV 
  • Height: 72” 
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs (127 kg) display total 
  • Color: Light grey metal frame with Shark Grey-SGT panel color
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