Modular Seating

Modular Seating

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Our modular seating systems allow you to easily create a stylish, comfortable setting in any space. Choose from several components that, when used together, give you the freedom to configure and reconfigure seating areas based on your current needs.  

Where would I use modular seating systems?

  • Board rooms 
  • Conferences & expos 
  • Reception areas 
  • Waiting rooms 
  • Lunch rooms 
  • Training areas 
  • Lounges 
  • Coffee shops 
  • Libraries 
  • Book stores 
  • And more 

Whether you’re designing a space for the office, classroom or waiting room, AVFI has a modular seating collection for you. Complete your space by adding in some standing desks or table wedges outfitted with power charging panels for increased functionality. 

Browse our Modular Seating Systems:

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